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We were contacted by the Portelli group who presented us with a unique challenge capturing an work of art called “Axionome  Stanislava Pinchuck” commissioned by Charter Hall that was located on the east side of the 40-story building 150 Lonsdale St Melbourne. This piece of art was one of the largest in the city and required a creative solution to capture it.

After careful consideration, we devised a plan to project the image of the artwork onto the building next door at night in order to sketch it. This allowed us to get an accurate representation of the artwork despite its size and location. Once we had the sketch, we utilised rope access techniques to paint the artwork during daylight hours.

This project required a high level of expertise and precision as we had to ensure the artwork was captured and painted accurately while also prioritizing safety. Despite the challenges, we were able to successfully complete the project and deliver a stunning result.