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Standby and Tower Rescue Services

Emergency Prevention Development and Emergency Tactical Response Specialists.

Worst case scenarios is something most businesses and organisations do not like to talk about. In the event that such a scenario were to take place it is highly recommended that your organisation is prepared to act and deploy emergency response protocols with the highest of efficiencies.

At Max Access our level 3 technicians are qualified to setup, plan and perform Emergency Response Protocols in all working environments.

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Using rope access methods and through rigorous on and off shore oil, gas and mining training as well as Confined Spaces and Working at Heights training our team can transform your worksite into a safe work space where all personnel can work at heights or in confined spaces with confidence.

Standby and Tower Rescue Services


Standby & Tower Rescue

KANE Tower Crane Rescue System

Max Access received a request from KANE, a construction firm, to develop a fail-safe rescue…